Enjoying June Gloom In Camarillo, But…

I love May Gray and June Gloom weather in Camarillo.

I moved to Camarillo 12 years ago because of the good weather.  Well, there was a girl involved, but that’s another story (yikes).  Anyway, the weather in Camarillo is super fantastic.  We are having a typical June gloom weather lately.  I have to wear sweater when I go out about Camarillo at night.  It even rained several days ago.  I enjoy this weather.

But, last 3 days, I’ve been hoping for some blue sky in Camarillo.

Camarillo at Noon (June 11, 2011): 101 Freeway in front of Camarillo High School

We have a new web design customer.  We are currently designing a website for a dental office in Camarillo.  We will host website as well.  I am supposed to photograph the office building under blue Camarillo sky.  But, we haven’t have blue sky in Camarillo for a few days now.

Everyone at SOHO is making progress on this web design project.   Our graphic designer is working on concept designs to show to client.  The client will come back soon to talk about color scheme.  I will soon install Joomla CMS* program on our server.

I need to turn in some images soon.  Our graphic designer may need my image to complete her concept designs.  Good images will change mood of the website.   My photographs will mark the moment when our web design idea becomes more visual.  I would like to kick start this web design project by providing some good images to my design team.

I drove across Camarillo today at noon.  It looked extra gloomy over Camarillo High School.

I can really use some blue sky.
Besides that, I love the weather here in Camarillo.


*CMS – Content management system.