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Happy Fathers Day 2011

Happy Fathers Day 2011.  Enjoy the magic moment when you have time.

God bless those without fathers.

My father is old, weak, and retired.  But he has more money than I do.  So my father pays when I visit him. :oops:
He took us to Claim Jumpers on Saturday, a day before Fathers Day.  If you truly love your father, don’t go out to eat on Fathers Day.  It’s really busy at some restaurants that eating is not enjoyable.

How I like my steak.



My Favorite DELL Mouse

My favorite mouse is this wired mouse from Dell.  I use exact same mouse for work, home, and notebook computer (I own 3 total).  Below is the picture of my mouse.  Sadly this mouse was replaced today.  It worn out.  I had to buy another one from eBay for $20.00.  Check out the finger mark on this mouse.

Note: I use a cheap point and shoot camera for my blog. (more)

I like my computer mouse as light as possible.  Also, I want my mouse to be absolutely trouble free and simple.  I don’t want track ball, super mini mouse, or any other funky alternative input devices.  I don’t use wireless mouse.  Wireless mouse has a cute concept.  But they are heavy.  Those 2 AA batteries add significant weight on the mouse.  After 12 hours of web designing, you will wish your mouse will be lighter.

I use computer 10-12 hours minimum every day.  To me, it’s very important that I have the best mouse and keyboard that will fit me perfectly.   I want the best keyboard and mouse money can buy.  Money is no object when it comes to computer parts.  That’s why I own 2 Das Keyboards ($130.00 each).  These are the tools that will help me make money.  Good equipment will make me work faster.  Good equipment will make web design easier on my body.  I bought an expensive mattress, because I spend 25% of my life in bed.  I spend 40-50% of my life using computer.  so, it only makes sense to buy the most comfortable keyboard and  mouse for my body.  That’s my philosophy as a computer geek.

And when it comes to mouse?  My favorite is this cheap Dell mouse.  I use this mouse with a smooth mouse-pad made out of waxed wood.  With my wooden mouse-pad, my mouse feels almost weightless like an air hockey puck.  I use very light touch to move my mouse.  That’s how I like it.

Thumb Mark

I do a lot of web design work, and I use mouse a lot.  This 3 years old mouse was showing signs of aging.  For example, “click” was not accurate.   So, I was afraid to work fast when I handle customers’ files/data.   I wouldn’t clean or maintain the mouse.  Mouse is cheap.  I just ordered a new one from eBay.  I’m not sure if any store in Ventura County sells this.

I’m back in business now.  My new mouse feels good.


Enjoying June Gloom In Camarillo, But…

I love May Gray and June Gloom weather in Camarillo.

I moved to Camarillo 12 years ago because of the good weather.  Well, there was a girl involved, but that’s another story (yikes).  Anyway, the weather in Camarillo is super fantastic.  We are having a typical June gloom weather lately.  I have to wear sweater when I go out about Camarillo at night.  It even rained several days ago.  I enjoy this weather.

But, last 3 days, I’ve been hoping for some blue sky in Camarillo.

Camarillo at Noon (June 11, 2011): 101 Freeway in front of Camarillo High School

We have a new web design customer.  We are currently designing a website for a dental office in Camarillo.  We will host website as well.  I am supposed to photograph the office building under blue Camarillo sky.  But, we haven’t have blue sky in Camarillo for a few days now.

Everyone at SOHO is making progress on this web design project.   Our graphic designer is working on concept designs to show to client.  The client will come back soon to talk about color scheme.  I will soon install Joomla CMS* program on our server.

I need to turn in some images soon.  Our graphic designer may need my image to complete her concept designs.  Good images will change mood of the website.   My photographs will mark the moment when our web design idea becomes more visual.  I would like to kick start this web design project by providing some good images to my design team.

I drove across Camarillo today at noon.  It looked extra gloomy over Camarillo High School.

I can really use some blue sky.
Besides that, I love the weather here in Camarillo.


*CMS – Content management system.


Pagoda at Oxnard Plaza Park (Bandstand)

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Oxnard Pagoda (AKA Bandstand) is owned by the City of Oxnard.

It’s located at 300 W Third St, Oxnard California, 93030

The plaza park was built in 1898 by Colonia Improvement Company as a part of the Oxnard town-site.  City of Oxnard purchased the park in 1908 and hired William David Cook to design a new landscape for Plaza Park.

Cook’s plan included a Pagoda with a tile roof.  Architect Alfred Priest and contractor Thomas Carroll constructed a pagoda with water feature.  Plaza Pagoda was completed 1910.  At that time the Pagoda was shorter.  We don’t know the exact reason why they chose Asian style pagoda.

Oxnard had a band at that time.  City of Oxnard wanted to support their band by providing a bandstand at the pagoda.  City of Oxnard called back the same architect and contractor to raise the roof so the band can play music under the roof.

Alfred Priest:
Alfred Priest was born in Nebraska (1888) and moved to Los Angeles when he was 18 years old.  He resided in Glendale and designed many houses, schools, businesses, and clubhouses around Los Angles and Ventura County.

In 1971, the Pagoda was designated as Ventura County Landmark No. 17.  The entire Plaza Park is a strong candidate to become a registered historic location.

The pagoda was restored in the 1990s.


Backup Your Computer (Data)

Country singer Trace Adkins’ house was completely destroyed in fire Saturday evening (June 4, 2011).   All family members are fine, but they lost pretty much everything.  Trace’s wife was interviewed on TV.  She said her family photos were the most valuable items she lost – she didn’t backup everything.  “Take your time and make copies” she said.

Most people around me don’t backup their computers.   For normal folks, setting up a good backup system is not an easy task.  Good backup programs will cost you (but not too much).  Hard drives are relatively cheap now, you should really think about backing up your data.  It takes $200 – $300 to come up with a backup system.   Without backup, it can take thousands of Dollars to recover lost data.  Maybe you will never be able to recover data.

Good backup practice will save you many hours of work and a lot of money.

To give you an example of a perfect backup setting, I’ll tell you how I backup my computers at home.

Mirror backup of a system hard drive.

I make mirror backups of the entire hard drive.  That means, my backup drive looks exactly like my working hard drive.   So, when a disaster hit, I simply swap the hard drive with a backup.  The whole process would take 10-20 minutes.   I keep multiple number of such back drives, because I cannot trust only 1 backup.   I make this kind of backup several times a year when I know for sure that my computer is healthy and virus free.

For this mirror backup I use Acronis True Image ($50.00 program)

It takes about 5 minutes to start the backup process.  Then it takes a few hours for entire hard drive to get duplicated.  So, I do this right before I go to sleep.

Daily Data backup

I make data backup almost every day.  I backup all data (emails, documents, pictures, program settings).  For example, if I went to a wedding and took 1000 pictures, I would like those images backed up ASAP.

I make 2 backups.  I keep 1 backup drive at my work, and rotate it every day.  When I go to work, I bring my backup drive A with me.   After work, I would bring backup drive B back home.  So backup drive A will stay at work wile I have backup drive B at home.

The whole point of making backup is to save data from disaster such as fire or theft.  So, your backup should be stored away from the building that your computer is located.

There are number of (free) programs to backup data.  I use backup4all.  This is a $40.00 program


Your hard drives will fail, one way or the other, sooner or later.  I hope you will start backing up your data.  Good luck.

Feel free to ask questions at the forum.


Camarillo PETSMART Opens June 4, 2011

New PETSMART will open in Camarillo where All Pet Headquarters used to be.   I hope PetSmart will not hire groomers who smoke a lot.  Everytime I visited All Pet Headquaters in the past I saw employees smoking.   That bothered me.   Imagine poor animals who stayed with them all day.  I hope this new store will benefit all of us.

PETSMART is located right next to Right Aid (Camarillo).

On opening day, they will give away gift cards and stuff.

PS. I do not own pets.

2530 Las Posas Camarillo, CA