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Oxnard Borders Closing…

Oxnard Borders is closing

I remember when Oxnard Esplanade first opened about 10 years ago.   This shopping center still smells like new.  With new homes at River Park and widened freeway, Oxnard is looking better all the time.  It’s the fastest growing city in Ventura County.

Sadly, Internet technology is changing how we shop.  People shop online rather than shopping at local stores. Circuit City shut down a few years ago at Oxnard Esplanade.  Now Borders is closing.  I went to borders for a cup of coffee and found out that entire store became a bargain bin.  Coffee shop was all gutted out.

I hate to see these stores disappearing.  And I find it ironic that I build websites with shopping carts so more people will shop online.  But, what can I do?  I cannot fight the world.  I’m just a web designer.

Borders at Oxnard Esplanade, 2006

Borders at Oxnard - Where coffee shop used to be



First Sign of Christmas in Ventura County

I went to Oxnard Costco and saw this – Christmas ribbons!   (Today is August 4, 2011).  I also saw a lot of toys.

Santa Clause is a busy man. He hires people to come to Oxnard and buy toys for him, you see.

At the toy isle, I heard people saying “Here we go…” or “Oh, Christmas stuff…”

Anyway, I think this is officially the first sign of Christmas in Ventura County.   From this point, you may start seeing seasonal items at other stores in Ventura County.

After Oxnard Costco, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond at Oxnard promenade and found a Yankee Candle (Macintosh Spice) on clearance bin.  I like to burn candles when I do web design work.

I often work all night when I do web design work.  At work, we use the term “burning the midnight oil” a lot.  Somehow, that started me to burn candle when I do web design.  I have more than a dozen scented candles.  My favorite smell is anything that smells like Christmas.

Wow, Christmas time is near.  I feel distracted.