How to setup Outlook Express

Here’s how to setup Outlook Express (add a new email account).

Outlook Express is a free program.   If you have Windows XP, you are likely to have Outlook Express in your computer already.  Depends on your Windows version, you may have Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail.  They are all free programs from Microsoft.  All these programs may look a little different, but the basic concept is same.   They all ask for same information.

Ventura County Webmaster

When you setup any email program, you need to know following information.  These 7 items are all you need to know.

  • Email address
  • Password
  • SMTP address
  • SMTP port number
  • POP3 address
  • Pop3 port number
  • Are there any special security certificate involved? (It’s always no.  But, just in case…)

After obtaining those information follow steps below.   Just watch the screenshots,  They are pretty much self explanatory.

(below) make sure nothing is checked

below – make sure nothing is checked

Outgoing mail (SMTP) port numer wll be given to you from your webmaster.
Ask your webmaster for SMTP port number.
Incoming mail (POP3) server address is usually 110

After this tab, click Apply to save setting.

– End –

As a webmaster, I often talk to my clients over the phone to help them setup email programs.  Some clients understand my instruction easily, and issue will be resolved quickly.  Some clients have hard time understanding my instruction.   Some customers cannot tell the difference between email program and web browser.   This is understandable.   Sometimes, when customers are located close enough (Camarillo, Oxnard, Santa Paula area), I would skip my lunch and visit clients personally to setup their outlook .  Webmasters don’t make house-calls.  But, sometimes (rarely), I visit my clients in Ventura County on my own time.

I have created this page so my customers will have a better understanding.  I hope this will help.

Let me know if you still have difficulty.

– Ventura County Webmaster –