Conejo Grade – Glide Down Without Brake

Conejo Grade is so steep that 18 wheelers are required to stop for brake inspection at the top of the grade. A lot of Ventura County residents avoid Conejo Grade because they are afraid to drive over the grade.

I once broke up with a girlfriend in Simi Valley because she was hesitant to drive over Conejo Grade to see me.  But, Conejo Grade is just a hill.  There is no need to freak out.

When we drive West (North) bound on 101 Freeway over Conejo Grade, you will face Camarillo and you will descend on a steep down hill. You will pick up speed. You’ll have to use brake a lot.

No no no… I usually don’t use brake when I drive down Conejo Grade to Camarillo.  I use common sense.  Here is a tip on how to drive Conejo Grade.

When you are at the top of the grade, go to slow lane and ease up on the gas.   Slow down to 45 – 50 mph.  And let your car glide down grade.  You will slowly pick up speed.  When you are at the bottom of the grade, you will be going at 70 – 80 mph (depends on your car).

With this, I rarely step on the brake going down Conejo Grade.

Pay attention next time when you drive down Conejo Grade.  Most people will fly by you and immediately slam on the brakes.  And they will hit the brake again, and again… until they are at the bottom of the grade.  That, to me, is not very smart.

If you think about it.  It only makes sense to slow down at the top of the grade and let your car glide down without using brake.   Just make sure to use slow lane.

Sometimes when I’m at the top of the grade, slowing down, I see other people following me at slow speed as well.  And they would proceed to glide down with me.  So, I am not the only person using this technique.  But, most people get testy and quickly pass me by (or cut me off), and, of course, they would slam on the brake all the way down the grade.

Drive safe!  :)