– From Ventura County, California (805) –

Hi, I am John from Camarillo.

* This is my personal blog that I made for fun.

I have well over 10 years of web design experience and am currently working professionally as a front end developer at a large company.  Web development is what I do for living.   On my free time, I do web design for fun.  I have number of personal (hobby) websites.  I have a website where I receive over 1.3 million visitors a year.

I consider myself a computer geek.  My home computers are built from scratch.  I use Das Keyboard (blank keyboard).  And I can type very fast.

I have a BS degree in Computer Information System from California Lutheran University.  I also have an AS degree in Photography from Moorpark College.  Besides web design, I run my own business as a professional photographer.  I often go to weddings for photography gigs.  I have been to hundreds of weddings in Ventura County.  Wedding photography is a stressful gig, but I thrive under pressure.  I guess I have “right brain, left brain” thing going on.  I am able take technically sound photographs while I’m running around under pressure (with smile).

I’ve been living in Camarillo, Ventura County since 1999.

My third passion is guitar.  I practice guitar whenever I have chance.  But I am a bad player.  I do, however, work in music industry.

Thank you for visiting.

Ventura County Web Designer