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Patsy Swayze, Patrick Swayze’s mother, dies in Simi Valley

Patsy Swayze, mother of Patrick Swayze, died of stroke complications at her home in Simi Valley, California, on September 16, 2013, at the age of 86.

Patsy Swayze directed a dance studio in Simi Valley, California, for more than twenty years.

Patricia Yvonne Helen “Patsy” Swayze (February 7, 1927 – September 16, 2013) was an American film choreographer, dancer, and dance instructor. Her credits included the choreography for Urban Cowboy, Liar’s Moon and Hope Floats. Her five children included the actors Patrick Swayze. She has been credited with training Patrick Swayze in dance, leading to his starring role in Dirty Dancing in 1987.

Swayze taught dance and choreography at the University of Houston for eighteen years. Patsy Swayze’s former students included Debbie Allen, Randy Quaid, Jaclyn Smith and Tommy Tune.

Patsy Swayze transitioned to film by choreographing her first movie, Urban Cowboy, starring John Travolta and Debra Winger. The success of Urban Cowboy essential launched her career as a film choreographer. In 1980, Patsy Swayze moved from Houston to southern California. She choreographed numerous films over the next three decades including Liar’s Moon in 1982 and Hope Floats, directed by Forest Whitaker, in 1998. She teamed with her daughter-in-law, director Lisa Niemi, to choreograph the 2003 film, One Last Dance, which starred Niemi, Patrick Swayze and George de la Peña.

* Information from wiki


Camarillo Farmers Market – Revisited

* The official name is Camarillo Certified Farmers Market  Visit their official website for more information

I still shop at Camarillo Farmers Market every Saturday.  I just wanted to talk about it more and share my shopping tip.

Make 2 Rounds

When we go to Camarillo Farmers Market, most of us start from right side and make a circle to the left (Counter Clock-wise).  Vendors on the right side have advantage, because customers will see vendors on the right side first.  I believe, for that reason, vendors on the right side tend to sell items at slightly higher price then the vendors on the left side.

So, I always make a complete circle around Camarillo Farmers Market.  After making a complete circle, I decide what I would like to buy.  Then I make a second circle to make purchase.

Camarillo Farmers Market

Tip the musician

Most of the time, there are local musicians providing live music.  I always tip them.  It makes me feel good.

Some vendors may not be local

A farmers market is supposed to be a gathering of local vendors.  But, some vendors are located outside of Ventura County.   Just so you know…

Best fruits (really)

I buy almost all my fruits from Camarillo Farmers Market.   Quality of fruits is amazing compared what I get from supermarkets.

FYI: You don’t save money at Camarillo Farmers Market.  You pay just about same amount of money or more compared to supermarkets.  But you are getting amazing good quality fruits.  I cannot buy fruits from supermarkets anymore.  If you are not buying fruits from Camarillo Farmers Market, you are missing out.

Fruits too good looking?

Some vendors sell beautiful looking fruits.  I mean, every single fruit they sell looks perfect and big.  You must question where and how they obtain all that immaculate looking fruits.  Maybe they spend extra time picking beautiful fruits for us?  I don’t know.

FYI: Organic fruits are usually ugly.

Some products are expensive

I find some products super expensive.   I will not get in to detail.


*Camarillo Farmers Market:
Every Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon.
2220 Ventura Boulevard in Old Town, Camarillo

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Camarillo – Arneill Road Freeway Overpass

I saw some glorious Fall sky here at Camarillo.    I guess I’m getting old.  Just  looking at the sky brings me a great joy.  It’s beautiful.   Maybe I was happy to take a break from a full day of web design work  (and stay away from computers for a while).

I walked around Old Town Camarillo a little today.  I left my car at mechanic for oil change and checkup.  My 10 years old Toyota is amazing.  I got another clean bill of health.  I just put gas and drive.


Conejo Grade – Glide Down Without Brake

Conejo Grade is so steep that 18 wheelers are required to stop for brake inspection at the top of the grade. A lot of Ventura County residents avoid Conejo Grade because they are afraid to drive over the grade.

I once broke up with a girlfriend in Simi Valley because she was hesitant to drive over Conejo Grade to see me.  But, Conejo Grade is just a hill.  There is no need to freak out.

When we drive West (North) bound on 101 Freeway over Conejo Grade, you will face Camarillo and you will descend on a steep down hill. You will pick up speed. You’ll have to use brake a lot.

No no no… I usually don’t use brake when I drive down Conejo Grade to Camarillo.  I use common sense.  Here is a tip on how to drive Conejo Grade.

When you are at the top of the grade, go to slow lane and ease up on the gas.   Slow down to 45 – 50 mph.  And let your car glide down grade.  You will slowly pick up speed.  When you are at the bottom of the grade, you will be going at 70 – 80 mph (depends on your car).

With this, I rarely step on the brake going down Conejo Grade.

Pay attention next time when you drive down Conejo Grade.  Most people will fly by you and immediately slam on the brakes.  And they will hit the brake again, and again… until they are at the bottom of the grade.  That, to me, is not very smart.

If you think about it.  It only makes sense to slow down at the top of the grade and let your car glide down without using brake.   Just make sure to use slow lane.

Sometimes when I’m at the top of the grade, slowing down, I see other people following me at slow speed as well.  And they would proceed to glide down with me.  So, I am not the only person using this technique.  But, most people get testy and quickly pass me by (or cut me off), and, of course, they would slam on the brake all the way down the grade.

Drive safe!  :)


How to setup Outlook Express

Here’s how to setup Outlook Express (add a new email account).

Outlook Express is a free program.   If you have Windows XP, you are likely to have Outlook Express in your computer already.  Depends on your Windows version, you may have Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail.  They are all free programs from Microsoft.  All these programs may look a little different, but the basic concept is same.   They all ask for same information.

Ventura County Webmaster

When you setup any email program, you need to know following information.  These 7 items are all you need to know.

  • Email address
  • Password
  • SMTP address
  • SMTP port number
  • POP3 address
  • Pop3 port number
  • Are there any special security certificate involved? (It’s always no.  But, just in case…)

After obtaining those information follow steps below.   Just watch the screenshots,  They are pretty much self explanatory.

(below) make sure nothing is checked

below – make sure nothing is checked

Outgoing mail (SMTP) port numer wll be given to you from your webmaster.
Ask your webmaster for SMTP port number.
Incoming mail (POP3) server address is usually 110

After this tab, click Apply to save setting.

- End -

As a webmaster, I often talk to my clients over the phone to help them setup email programs.  Some clients understand my instruction easily, and issue will be resolved quickly.  Some clients have hard time understanding my instruction.   Some customers cannot tell the difference between email program and web browser.   This is understandable.   Sometimes, when customers are located close enough (Camarillo, Oxnard, Santa Paula area), I would skip my lunch and visit clients personally to setup their outlook .  Webmasters don’t make house-calls.  But, sometimes (rarely), I visit my clients in Ventura County on my own time.

I have created this page so my customers will have a better understanding.  I hope this will help.

Let me know if you still have difficulty.

- Ventura County Webmaster -


Don’t Lose Your Domain Name

Do you own domain names?

If so, can you answer below questions?

  • Who is your domain registrar?
  • What is your username and password for your domain registrar?
  • Do you know how to log in to your own domain account?
  • Do you know when your domain name expires?
  • Do you know if your contact information is correct on your domain name? (Registrant, Admin, Billing, & Tech Support).

If you said “no” to any of questions above, you should seriously consider paying somebody to take care of your domain names.

You must remember:
Your domain name has expiration date.  A domain name must be renewed or it will expire.  If your domain name expires, somebody else will register it and try to sell it back to you for thousands of Dollars.  I promise, this will happen to you if you forget to renew your domain.

Domain name management services:
We manage domain names for our clients, cheap.  Most of our customers leave their domain names to us.  If you have a business to run, it makes sense to pay a small fee and let somebody manage domain names for you.  I am the one who manages domain names for our clients.  I log in to the master domain account every 2 weeks.  I make sure none of the domain names are expiring.  I check expiration dates with accounting department (for billing).  We inform clients when it’s time to renew.

Some customers choose to manage domain names on their own, which is perfectly fine as long as they don’t forget to renew their domain names on time.

If you are going to pay somebody to manage your domain name, get somebody you can trust.   You don’t want to hand in your domain name to a freelancer or a high school kid.  We are a 9 years old professional web design & Internet marketing company here in Ventura County.  I personally look at your domain name every 2 weeks.  And there are other people in my company checking up on my job performance.

Whatever you do, don’t let your domains expire.  If you think you no longer need your domain name?  just renew it for a few years anyway.  May be you will go back to your old business idea and re-start your project.   Domain names are cheap.  Buying back your lost domain names is painful, sometimes impossible.


Camarillo Smart & Final – New Business Hours

Smart & Final at Camarillo is now Smart & Final extra!  They have a new sign up.

The interior looks better and employees are still nice.  The main difference is their business hours.  Camarillo Smart & Final (extra) now opens till 10pm (9pm on Sundays).

Smart & Final at Camarillo used to close at 7pm (6pm on Sunday).  Their old business hours was ridiculous.   I think most people with normal jobs never had a chance to shop there, because they closed so early.   Last year, I visited their website and complained about their early hours.  They replied and basically said “I’m sorry, but we close early.”   I was impressed that a live person actually wrote me back.  A lot of businesses create their websites but they ignore emails from the visitors.  Smart and final actually emailed me back.

Anyway, they finally got smart and extended business hours.

10pm still seems early, but it’s not bad for Camarillo.  People don’t come out that late in Camarillo.

Camarillo Smart & Final – Old Sign, before “extra”

Before Smart & Final, there was Tresierras.
Before Tresierras there was El Brillante.
Before El Brillante, there was Apple Market
I don’t know what they had before

Below image of Tresierras was taken in 2006