Camarillo Farmers Market – Revisited

* The official name is Camarillo Certified Farmers Market  Visit their official website for more information

I still shop at Camarillo Farmers Market every Saturday.  I just wanted to talk about it more and share my shopping tip.

Make 2 Rounds

When we go to Camarillo Farmers Market, most of us start from right side and make a circle to the left (Counter Clock-wise).  Vendors on the right side have advantage, because customers will see vendors on the right side first.  I believe, for that reason, vendors on the right side tend to sell items at slightly higher price then the vendors on the left side.

So, I always make a complete circle around Camarillo Farmers Market.  After making a complete circle, I decide what I would like to buy.  Then I make a second circle to make purchase.

Camarillo Farmers Market

Tip the musician

Most of the time, there are local musicians providing live music.  I always tip them.  It makes me feel good.

Some vendors may not be local

A farmers market is supposed to be a gathering of local vendors.  But, some vendors are located outside of Ventura County.   Just so you know…

Best fruits (really)

I buy almost all my fruits from Camarillo Farmers Market.   Quality of fruits is amazing compared what I get from supermarkets.

FYI: You don’t save money at Camarillo Farmers Market.  You pay just about same amount of money or more compared to supermarkets.  But you are getting amazing good quality fruits.  I cannot buy fruits from supermarkets anymore.  If you are not buying fruits from Camarillo Farmers Market, you are missing out.

Fruits too good looking?

Some vendors sell beautiful looking fruits.  I mean, every single fruit they sell looks perfect and big.  You must question where and how they obtain all that immaculate looking fruits.  Maybe they spend extra time picking beautiful fruits for us?  I don’t know.

FYI: Organic fruits are usually ugly.

Some products are expensive

I find some products super expensive.   I will not get in to detail.


*Camarillo Farmers Market:
Every Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon.
2220 Ventura Boulevard in Old Town, Camarillo

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