Camarillo Farmers Market

I go to Camarillo Farmers Market* every Saturday morning.  I get fresh fruits, vegetables, and bread.  And I always buy one lemon.  I like to put a slice of lemon in my water.

I go to Camarillo Farmers Market as early as possible, around 8am, to beat the crowd (parking lot gets full).  I wear the same shirt I wore the night before in the bed.  I splash some water on my face… and I am out.   I hope I don’t meet anyone at Camarillo Farmers Market because I don’t look clean.  I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.  It’s a farmers market, not a beauty competition.

I often see some good looking people at Camarillo Farmers Market.  Their hair is perfect and their sweat pants are immaculate.  Some of them carry coffee mugs in their hands.  You know it’s not practical to carry a coffee mug at farmers market.   I guess they enjoy looking hip and trendy.  More power to them for looking beautiful and living healthy lives.

But I think coffee mug is a little too phony.  But, it’s still cute.  I enjoy seeing them.   🙂

We always have some kind of live music at Camarillo Farmers Market.  Local musicians around Camarillo & Ventura County make appearance.  Camarillo High School Jazz Band was pretty good.

I don’t spend much time shopping.   I come back home in about 30 minutes.  Then I take shower and get ready for a glorious Saturday.

*Camarillo Farmers Market:
Every Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon.
2220 Ventura Boulevard in Old Town, Camarillo

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