First Sign of Christmas in Ventura County

I went to Oxnard Costco and saw this – Christmas ribbons!   (Today is August 4, 2011).  I also saw a lot of toys.

Santa Clause is a busy man. He hires people to come to Oxnard and buy toys for him, you see.

At the toy isle, I heard people saying “Here we go…” or “Oh, Christmas stuff…”

Anyway, I think this is officially the first sign of Christmas in Ventura County.   From this point, you may start seeing seasonal items at other stores in Ventura County.

After Oxnard Costco, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond at Oxnard promenade and found a Yankee Candle (Macintosh Spice) on clearance bin.  I like to burn candles when I do web design work.

I often work all night when I do web design work.  At work, we use the term “burning the midnight oil” a lot.  Somehow, that started me to burn candle when I do web design.  I have more than a dozen scented candles.  My favorite smell is anything that smells like Christmas.

Wow, Christmas time is near.  I feel distracted.